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Celebrating 70 Years of Land Rover

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the production of the first Land Rover. No other vehicle is as quintessentially British, unflappable and utterly unstoppable; as at ease on the streets of Belgravia as it is in Bamako. The original premise was simple - to build the world’s most versatile vehicle for town and countryman. Fast forward 70 years and that premise still holds true and this is still the car of choice for people who want to go above and beyond.

While the world may have changed, LRs’ core DNA has not. Whether you were hosing out your Series One or wafting along to the ballet in your Range Rover Velar, Land Rover has always found a way to evolve and remain peerless in their fields. The refinement of the Range Rover, versatility of the Discovery and the durability of the Defender are all testament to Land Rover’s extraordinary engineering and design achievements in those 70 years.

From the beach, jungle, bush, desert and the mountains to the mud, sand and snow; as the first true all-terrain vehicle, Land Rover has always stood for capability and adventure. Go anywhere, whenever, whatever the weather, however steep the incline. LR has done some pretty amazing things over the years: towing trains, scaling dam walls, tackling giant speed bumps and racing 999 steps up a mountain-side in an SUV that’s faster than a sports car. All this showcases just how far Land Rovers can, and will go.

The ability to go ‘above and beyond’ has always been at the heart of Land Rover. As the go-to vehicle for humanitarian, conservation, research and protection projects, Land Rover dominated 70% of the global aid market in the 1970s. Across the world, it has been a symbol of hope and rescue, reaching places no car had before. Indeed, as the old saying goes, for many, the Land Rover was the first car they ever set eyes on.


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