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Alkaloid: Liquid Anatomy

Alkaloid have unleashed their complete new forthcoming album ‘Liquid Anatomy’, which has been released on May 18th. Alkaloid comment: "After three intense years of writing and producing music we are thrilled to finally show our new album to the world. The amount of work we had put into it was mind-boggling.

Second albums are typically the hardest ones to make in any band's history. Why is that? Well, usually the second album creates controversy among fans who already have certain expectations that need to be full-filled. On the other hand at that point a band is still in an early stage, so the process of formulating its own sound is fundamentally tied to how their second album will be (re)viewed. Luckily ALKALOID is a band founded by musicians who have a clear vision. Our main idea is constant evolution of sound.

From day one we planned to take the listener on a musical journey, taking detours into beautiful landscapes but also to very dark places and thus to create a unique listening experience. 'Liquid Anatomy' has become exactly that album, a wild ride through most diverse musical territories. We simply love it! I hope you will do too."


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