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Prada Resort 2019

The Piano Factory in New York was the venue selected for the Prada Resort 2019 fashion show. The Prada Headquarters building was chosen because it opens the door into a New York Prada world which is unknown to everybody, and because it offers ideal spaces on the ground floor, on the upper floors and ultimately on the rooftop.

The transformation of the former piano factory was the first project entrusted to Herzog & de Meuron by Prada in 2000. It was a kind of a striptease of the existing building: all architectural elements were removed so only the naked concrete structure remained.

The show took place on floor 7. Here, the building’s naked structure with its expressive concrete pillars becomes visible: a space of powerful sculptural beauty. The semi-transparent panels reflected the cityscape outside and thus transferred images of the real city deep inside the space of the show.

The models walked the runway also appeared on the surface of the panels. The result was an intriguing mix of inside and outside, of analogical and virtual realities. Everything followed a scenario with contrasting sequences of visible and invisible, bright and dark, loud and silent.

View the collection here:


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