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Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue

A modern fougere-aromatic top note of lavender, fresh heart of geranium and sensual ambery base of tonka bean, Ralph Lauren elevated the fresh on every level, first with bright, sparkling citrus notes of Cedrat Lemon and Bergamot.

The aptly named Artical adds the splash of an icy cool sea breeze to the woody, ambery, musky notes of Ambertonic, together creating an ultra long lasting sensation. Finishing with the aquatic salty mineral accord brings it all together to create a new definition of absolute freshness in men's fragrances.

Top notes: Cedrat Lemon Accord, Bergamot, Artical

Heart notes: Basil Verbena, Clary Sage, Juniperberry

Base notes: Salty Mineral Accord, Ambertonic, Vibrant Woods Accord

Scent: Fresh

Launch date: 2018

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