An Interview With Artist Komal Madar

In this article we interview the artist Komal Madar in order to explore her work and uncover the secrets of her creative process. Komal Madar, a British Indian artist from Hayes, West London, is launching a new solo art exhibition in partnership with Hyatt Place hotel on Friday 27 April.

The prestigious two-week event will showcase the local artist’s unique, contemporary style; with a large collection of work on display including paintings featured in Vogue, House and Garden, and Inside Artists magazine. The free exhibition will run from Friday 27 April to Thursday 10 May, 9am to 6pm at Hyatt Place West London/Hayes, in the hotel’s glass-fronted bar and all are welcome.

Komal Madar, aged 34, was recently selected to exhibit at Artrooms Art Fair in Rome and has been shortlisted for the Royal Prize Exhibition consecutively for two years. She said: “I’ve exhibited my work around the world and I’m so excited to launch my first solo exhibition in my home town in Hayes.“

As an artist, I draw inspiration from nature and the world around me, and I also enjoy creating abstract works. My Indian heritage has played an essential role in influencing my style and I’m always experimenting with new materials such as Indian textiles, henna and Swarovski crystals.“

I have a diverse collection of work ranging from affordable art to suit any home, to large, luxurious pieces for the most passionate of art lovers. There really is something for everyone. I look forward to welcoming people to my new Visions of Colour exhibition, and hope that the local community will come along and enjoy my work.”

What’s your background?

British Indian.

How did you start making art?

Since I was a child I was always collecting things, making things and painting on the walls. I always felt a need to create, and that feeling hasn’t left me.

What painting means to you?

Freedom, personal growth and when I feel most like myself. It feels good for my soul, and it’s something I must do.

What is your favorite color?

At the moment I'm drawn to Teal but I have a love for all colours.

Which artist or painter has influenced you?

Salvador Dali, Anselm Kiefer. What are the limits of painting?

The ones you set. What inspires you?

Nature, dreams, life, my Indian culture. It can be anything that can spark an idea.

How do you navigate the art world?

I have a network of artists I talk to, I visit exhibitions, art fairs etc., but I have times when I like to retreat for long periods of time. I need the stillness.

Which current art world trends are you following?

I’m try to keep away from trends. I read something Georgia O’Keeffe said “Pay no attention to trends -be yourself” I think this is important.

What are you working on now?

Investigating materials more, learning old techniques. Moving towards oil painting. If you were about to be reborn, what would you like to be?

Still a painter? Yes or even a dancer- maybe I could combine them both.

Madar studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in art and design. She then went on to complete her BA in Fine Art and English Literature at The University of Reading (2007) and later, a Diploma in Fine Art from the Byam Shaw College of Art (2008).

Visually, Madar seeks for an element of beauty and mystery in her work, and for the point of entry to be intriguing to evoke an emotion in people. Her Indian heritage has played an essential role in influencing her choice of materials such as Indian textiles, pigment powders, henna, and in the sprawling, intricate patterns, designed to add depth and texture to her canvases. Madar’s work embraces a rich, bold and vibrant palette; drawing inspiration from nature, abstract shapes and in particular the female form.