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Kylie Minogue - Golden

Golden is the upcoming fourteenth studio album by Kylie Minogue. It is scheduled to be released 6 April 2018, by Darenote Limited and BMG. The lead single, "Dancing", was released on 19 January 2018.

In terms of sound, Minogue commented that the content of Golden was originally "synth-pop dance songs" that her fans would "expect from her". However, her A&R manager had suggested including country music into the record, which she acknowledged positively. She traveled to Nashville in July 2017 for two weeks to record four songs, and explained that it "all started to make sense. We managed to find this country inspiration but bring it back into my world." She described the result as being "Dolly Parton standing on a dance floor".

During the songwriting process, Minogue "kept writing songs" without intention, and found the results to be very "cathartic"; additionally, the singer believed the song's lyrics came off more "authentic" and "story-telling" than her previous music.

Golden is scheduled to release on 6 April 2018 in physical and digital formats, and will serve as her first record with BMG. The album will be distributed in various formats including a standard jewel case and a deluxe edition that features a 32-page book, a Compact Cassette, and a box set that contains the vinyl and CD together. Additionally, a signed white label vinyl was released through her official website, and also featured an exclusive picture disc vinyl that is housed with an alternative cover art for Golden.


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