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House of Fraser Shows Support for Women's Day

Womankind Worldwide works in solidarity with women’s movements around the world to bring about lasting change in women’s lives. They work to change laws and policies which discriminate against women and girls, and challenge the damaging attitudes and stereotypes at the root of inequality.

Michelle Maynard, Chief People Officer at House of Fraser said: “The spotlight of the world is rightly focused on making work and career opportunities fairer for everyone, especially for women and minority groups. Creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can fulfil their potential is an incredibly important focus for me personally and for House of Fraser. This is why we are inspired by the work of Womankind Worldwide and International Women’s Day and use this to drive forward our progress. #PressForProgress.”

Womankind Worldwide believes in the power of women to change their own lives. When women

join together in movements, they change laws, create lasting shifts of power, challenge harmful traditions and make sure all women’s voices are heard.

Disha Sughand, Head of Fundraising & Marketing, Womankind Worldwide commented: “Womankind Worldwide is delighted to be partnering with House of Fraser this International Women’s Day. Thank you for shining a light on the courage and resilience of women around the world who are challenging violence and discrimination and coming together to create lasting change in their lives.” Available in store and at now for £39


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