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The Space Planetarium in Winchester

The planetarium presents an unforgettable and incredible experience. Imagine lying back in a comfortable seat with a cinema screen 360° around and above your head. The enormous domed screen completely surrounds the audience, placing everyone right in the action.

Relax back into a comfortable seat and get sucked into a black hole, fly through the Solar System or even explore the human body. A fantastic shared experience that will have children reaching their hands up to touch the stars as they fly by.

There are two main show formats offered in the planetarium:

Fulldome films are high-quality digital pre-recorded films, usually created by animation processes due to the challenges of working with live action in this huge and complex format. Some of these have production costs running into the millions of pounds. A wide variety of topics are offered, from going inside the human body to blasting off to space. Most films are 20-45 minutes long.

Live, presenter-led shows are where a presenter takes you on a personal tour of space by navigating through an accurate three-dimensional model virtual model of the known Universe, again in a 360° format. In effect, the planetarium is used as a flight simulator. Topics range from tours of the night sky as seen from Earth to trips through the Solar System or even out to the edge of the visible Universe.

Winchester Science Centre would like to thank SEEDA for funding the installation of this world-class facility and Airbus Defence and Space for generous sponsorship supporting its ongoing use.

Normally there are two public shows each school-day afternoon, and showings every hour during weekends and holidays. Some school days have no public shows due to private bookings.


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