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Adventures in Peter Pan's Neverland

Join them for costumed fun and games for two weekends as they transform into the magical world of Neverland for a day filled with wonderful fun and games, inspiring characters and a special Peter Pan film screening to boot.

In their galleries you may bump into Captain Hook. Or perhaps you'll stumble across a group of mermaids, and end up singing your heart out with them. With fun family-oriented workshops taking place all day, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you do, make sure to keep an eye out for Peter's shadow!

Workshop activities include:

· Pirate recruitment · Sea shanty singalongs · Sessions with the Lost Boys · Native American camp celebrations

Need a break from the action? Immerse yourself in the story and watch an interactive screening of the beloved 1953 Disney film, or create your own magical crafts, all with a Neverland twist.

Notes for attendees

If you plan on watching the film screening, please note that there are no seats and this will entail sitting on the floor. The Museum of London Docklands recommends bringing any special seating you may require with you, for the sake of comfort. Some seating will also be available to those who require it. Film run time: 76



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