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Explore Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier has 250 km of pristine pistes and is one of the Alps biggest ski areas. The resort with 13 villages is spread over 4 areas: Briancon, Chantemerle, Villeneuve la Salle and le Monetier les Bains, at the gates of the Ecrins National Park.

Explore Serre Chevalier
Explore Serre Chevalier

It offers great skiing in a high mountain atmosphere, peaceful skiing in the mélèzes woods, family skiing in special areas and more! With the addition of snowboarding and adventurous off-piste trips there really is one Serre Che for everyone!

The 13 Villages of Serre Chevalier that make up the Serre Chevalier region are: The old town of Briancon, La Gerarde, Saint Chaffrey, Chantemerle, Villard Late, Les Pananches, La Salle Les Alpes, Villeneuve, Le Bez, Le Serre Barbin, Le Freyssinet, Les Guibertes and on to Le Montier les Bains.

The area is well interlinked and travelling is easy with the bonus of simply bussing back if you are tired and worn out. The runs, cut in and above a large larch forest are on the North side of the high long ridge. There are many bowls, valley descents and high off-peak faces.

There is a good selection of reasonable off-piste which either feeds back to the system, or goes to another area included in the lift pass. Serre Chevalier's snowcondition is exceptionally good. Three factors make for good snowconditions; it is North Facing, the majority of the skiing is on the top half and the trees protect the lower slopes. Cannons build and protect the base of the valley pistes and the grooming is professionally done.

Skiers and snowboarders call it the Grand Serre Ché, and yes, it is the second largest ski area in the world. Serre Chevalier is familial and passionate, authentic, and above all - a great place!

Make the most of Serre Chevalier's free ski shuttle buses which take you from one end of the valley to the other, stopping at many convenient points along the Route Nationale.

Not everyone can ski the whole valley so this bus service is great for those who fancy travelling between the different villages and ski access points. It is free for all those with a valid lift pass or Carte d'Hote (a guest card which may be provided by your hotel or tour operator.) If you don't have a lift pass or Carte d'Hote, you will be asked to pay a reasonable price for a ticket.

The buses run between 07:55 in the morning and 17:35 in the afternoon from Briancon [Serre Chevalier 1200] up to Le Monetier les Bains [Serre Chevalier 1500], and between 08:25 in the morning and 18:05 in the afternoon coming back i.e. from Le Monetier les Bains to Briancon.

Cover Photo: Wix

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