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Alex Bloom: Blue Room

During his senior year of college, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Bloom decided to make a record. Although he may be a 21st century artist, he naturally approaches music from a perspective honed by years immersed in classics from the flower power heyday.

Holing up in Los Angeles’s New Monkey—the studio that once belonged to Elliott Smith—he emphasized a “live” approach and found the sweet spot between sixties-style psychedelic pop bliss, off-kilter instrumentation, and modern indie style. A breath of fresh air amongst today’s digitized landscape, that style drives his debut album, Blue Room (Released 8/12/2017).

“The production of these songs is my interpretation of some of my greatest inspirations,” he affirms. “The Beatles and Beach Boys, in particular, influenced my production choices heavily. It’s my perspective on that style.” Yet, it taps into a vibrant energy readily welcome in 2017, nonetheless.

Artist Alex Bloom and actress Katie Peabody as Alex and Claire in Blue Room.

By conjuring a classic musical spirit, Alex accomplishes a timeless goal with Blue Room. “I want to tell stories, and let my emotions be the driving force,” he leaves off. “I hope people can relate these things to their own experiences.”


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