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David Beckham Classic

David Beckham Classic is dedicated to men of style. Beckham, known as a worldwide trend setter, has poured his flair for dressing into this masculine and modern fragrance. Notes include fresh citrus, gin and tonic and lime which are rounded off with nutmeg and fresh mint.

David Beckham Classic
David Beckham Classic

Housed in a classically elegant glass bottle, David Beckham Classic is the embodiment of strength, modernity and above all, style.

Capturing the unique spirit of David's iconic style, which blends traditional tailoring with modern flair, this woody citrus spicy scent is the perfect expression of contemporary elegance.

Top notes: Gin Tonic Accord, Lime and Albanum

Heart notes: Cypress Orpur, Nutmeg and Fresh Mint

Base notes: Texas Cedarwood, Ambermax and Vetiver

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