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Men's Party Outfits

You're cordially invited to the best-dressed party of the year. Slick suits, sharp shirts, shoes and silk scarves… it can only mean one thing: party season is on the horizon. From the office Christmas party to a night out with friends, a little thought and preparation is a prerequisite for nailing the seasonal dress codes.

Men's Party Outfits
Men's Party Outfits

If you’re not used to buying suits, Reiss has a vast selection. Take a look at the different styles and types of suits they have and once you see something you like, shop it!


The prime opportunity to brave new style terrain, a velvet blazer is the quintessential party staple that lends itself to dimly lit environments while injecting an air of opulence to proceedings. It’s an effortless statement piece that looks as good as it feels.


For a dialled-down yet sophisticate aesthetic, wear your blazer open, forego the tie and undo a few buttons at the top of the shirt. Don’t be afraid to accessorise: a silk scarf draped around the neck will add an extra measure of rakish charm.


There’s a real art to mixing up formality with some smart-casual pieces and bringing something new to your party look. For a contemporary spin on a classic style, swap out your shirt for a rollneck – a piece that never fails to add gravitas to a man’s appearance. Among the burgundy, green and black colours typical of the season, a deep midnight blue jacket will not only catch the light but the attention of everyone in the room, too.


For that stylish black-tie affair, go maximum formality with a classic black tuxedo. A slim-fit cut achieves a streamlined silhouette that will ensure you stand out among the well-dressed coterie of any and all elegant events in your winter calendar. Inject suavity with a white silk bow tie and scarf – peak dandyism.


There is no strict colour code to follow when it comes to dressing for festive events. While a classic black tux is a look that will never go out of style, opting for a colourful hue adds a touch of sparkle that’s synonymous with this time of year. Introducing a deep emerald colour to a tux marries formality with seasonal interest and brings personality to an overall party look.


For a look that oozes class and lux, an off-white velvet jacket and accompanying bow tie reaches new heights in eveningwear. Throw a faux-fur collared coat over the suit for a finishing touch to a sophisticated and tailored ensemble.


When it’s time to look your best, a suit with satin detailing is a refreshing option that really shines through this time of year, especially in a carefully considered colour. Brown may not immediately come to mind, but when paired with the right pieces it’s a winner. A dark knit hits all the right notes for a distinctive take on formal style.

Cover Photo: Pixabay

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