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Ted’s Grooming Room

Are you unsatisfied with your haircuts? If so, it could be that you’re going to the wrong place. What you really want is a specialist and going to a male barber is extremely helpful because he can relate to you. While Ted Baker's clothing is known for its unique features, its approach to shaving is quite simpler.

The well trained staff deliver the finest Turkish shave - including steaming the skin with hot, fluffy towels and burning away ear-hair with fire. They create an atmosphere in which men can relax and enjoy the experience that the Ted’s grooming room creates. Just sit back and trust what they’re doing!


A full head shampoo and rinse followed by a haircut from Ted’s Turkish barbers, tailored to your exact specifications. Gents will also receive a hot-towel treatment and massage. Can be found in all Ted’s Grooming Room locations. Complimentary ear flaming is included, as required, once your ideal hairstyle has been achieved.


Experience the best of traditional Turkish barbering with a clean shave or beard design to complement your chosen hairstyle. Available at all Ted’s Grooming Room locations, excluding the By Appointment Only Lounge at Mortimer Street. Treatment includes a bespoke haircut, expert cut-throat shave or beard design, rounded off with ear flaming as required. Gents will also receive a hot-towel treatment and massage.


Sit yourself down and watch a master at work, or simply close your eyes, safe in the knowledge that your hair is in expert hands. Ted’s elite barbers are consummate listeners, meaning you’ll get exactly the cut you asked for. Like Ted, these gifted gents have a rare eye for detail, making their residency exclusive to Ted’s By Appointment Only Lounge, located at the Mortimer Street store. These razor-sharp haircuts are followed by ear flaming as required.


Whether it’s a remarkably close shave you require or a precision beard design, rest easy, for only the best barbers make the cut at Ted’s By Appointment Only Lounge. Discover for yourself at his Mortimer Street store. You’ll receive a traditional cut-throat shave, an ice-cold towel finish, hair wash and style, and ear flaming as required.


Inspired by the ancient grooming rituals of the Ottoman Empire, this hour-long treatment is the pinnacle of Turkish barbering. Ted’s Master Cut is combined with a hot-towel treatment and the choice of either a clean shave or beard design. Exclusively available at Ted’s By Appointment Only Lounge, found at his Mortimer Street store. Receive a superior haircut, followed by a rejuvenating hot-towel shave or beard design, with ear flaming as required.


Allow Ted to shape up those eyebrows. You’ll be astonished at what his barbers can do with only a cotton thread, a steady hand and an eagle eye.


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