Introducing Hudson 365

There are many types of men’s shoes, and getting the perfect pair it could be tricky. Feeling comfortable in a pair of new shoes can completely update your style! The Hudson 365 Collection has an unexpected side.

A classic shoe to the naked eye, it’s constructed to feel like a sneaker, and has a multitude of technical features that make it different to any other formal shoe in the market.

The unique construction of the shoe and inner padding will get you through a long flight, run for the bus or even your cycle to work.

Crafted in a range of classic colors, the 365 Collection never compromises on style. Soft calf uppers are constructed to allow the shoe to flex, while classic silhouettes create a slick, heritage aesthetic.

No more being weighed down by heavy formal shoes. The 365 Collection bears an XL Extralight® Sole that allows maximum movement and comfort.


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