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The Robot Zoo - Horniman Museum

How do chameleons change colour? What makes grasshoppers leap so high? How do bats see at night? Enter the fascinating world of the Robot Zoo and discover the mechanisms that give animals their amazing abilities.

This family-friendly exhibition features larger-than-life animals that have been innovatively recreated using a variety of familiar machine parts and gadgets to reveal how their real life counterparts see, eat, hunt and hide. Interactive exhibits also give you the chance to try jet-propelled squid racing, shoot a chameleon’s ‘tongue-gun’ and even design your own ‘mutant’ robot creature. The Robot Zoo returns to the Horniman for the first time since its highly successful UK debut in 2009.

The Robot Zoo will open at the Horniman Museum and Gardens from Saturday 11 February to Sunday 29 October 2017. Buy your tickets online.


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