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A Guide on How to Wear a Scarf

I don't consider myself a “scarf guy,” but perhaps I must reconsider. The scarf keeps my neck significantly warmer on days where the temperature considerably drops and it’s a great way to combine it with your outfits. It can be one of the best accessories for men but a tricky one to get right. So, here's how to look cool, like a man!

A Guide on How to Wear a Scarf
A Guide on How to Wear a Scarf

What to Wear a Scarf with...

1. Scarves cover up the exposed areas and they especially pair well with an overcoat.

2. If you find yourself wearing a pullover or long-sleeved shirt, a scarf is quick and easy additional item –just wrap it around twice and you’re good to go.

If you find yourself wearing a blazer, try replacing the tie with a scarf sometime. It’s different, stylish and fashionable.

Drape: Throw it around your neck – no knotting required. While it may seem lazy, it doesn’t come off that way. Let a little peek out from under your coat or blazer for a classic look.

Tie: Loop the scarf once around your neck and knot it. Then, pull one side in front of the other for a dapper look that's a tie alternative.

Knot: There are two knot styles. For the “false knot,” drape the scarf over your neck and make a loose knot in one side. Then, slip the other side of the scarf into the opening and pull tight. The next knot requires you to fold the scarf in half before draping it over your neck, then pulling the other side through the opening.

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