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Designer Shorts for Men

Shorts! Some people love them while some hate them! Shorts are designed in many styles, fabrics, prints and colours and they are the most popular must-haves in every closet. However, although shorts are considered just as versatile we should know what best to pull off shorts suitable for our body.

Designer Shorts for Men
Designer Shorts for Men

When choosing shorts, make sure they lay smooth and flat, which are not too tight or tug. The trick is to flatter your silhouette and wear it with personal style. Pull & Bear focuses on casual, laid-back clothing and accessories for young people with a very urban style, at accessible prices.

The company is enjoying rapid international expansion as a result of their fashion philosophy which aims at merging creativity and quality design with a swift response to market demands.

We present you today some of their finest shorts suitable for every male body:

Ripped denim Bermuda shorts

Biker bermuda shorts

Ottoman rib jogging bermuda shorts

Camouflage biker Bermuda shorts

Ripped denim bermuda shorts

Light chino-style bermuda shorts

Chino-style cropped bermuda shorts

Ripped denim bermuda shorts

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