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Discover Andros

All the Bahamian islands boast abundant natural attractions. But Andros—the largest, yet most sparsely developed of all The Bahamas—is king when it comes to exceptional natural surroundings. Here, you’ll find the world’s third-largest fringing barrier reef, mesmerizing blue holes that some say are home to the mythical creature Lusca, the Tongue of the Ocean and numerous species of flora and fauna.

Discover Andros
Discover Andros

Andros is covered with vast areas of wetlands that create channels perfect for bonefishing. In fact, many consider Andros the Bonefishing Capital of The World. When visitors feel like taking a break from all the adventure, the island offers quaint settlements and secluded beaches known for their local charm and laid-back lifestyle.

The Bahamas’ Largest National Park System

The Andros Park System is the country’s largest protected area, and includes five national parks: Blue Holes National Park, Crab Replenishment Reserve, North & South Marine Parks and the West Side National Park.

3rd-Largest Fringing Barrier Reef

The reef is 190 miles long, drops to about eight feet on the island side and plunges to more than 6,000 feet in the Tongue of the Ocean. It is unique in the region because of its size, luxuriant coral growth, and low incidence of coral disease.

Andros is blessed with entertainers that have made a mark in the music world, creating indigenous music: the late, great guitarist Joseph Spence, one of the best-known Bahamian folk and gospel musicians worldwide, was born in Small Hope; his contemporary, folk singer Israel Forbes in South Andros; and renowned Elon “The Crab Man” Moxey, who is famous for writing songs about his native home, is from Mangrove Cay.

Local musicians are able to use the most basic form of “instruments” such as washboards, bottle corks nailed to a stick, or the poinciana seed pod as a shaker to create the greatest heart-thumping, leg-shaking, and body-weaving rhythm on this side of the gulf.

The sounds of Andros are regularly showcased and most places offer music by live bands or DJs and dancing on weekends. Do it like a native and try a "rum-shop crawl," stopping at one of the local hangouts for a more laid-back experience, or see what entertainment your hotel rolls out in the evening.

Four airports serve Andros: the San Andros International Airport (SAQ), Andros Town Airport (ASD), Clarence A. Bain Airport, Mangrove Cay (MAY) and Congo Town Airport (TZN). Frequent domestic and international service is available via scheduled and charter airlines. By sea, you can travel from Nassau with Bahamas Ferry Services on a fully air-conditioned vessel, or one of three mail boats that provide service to several towns on a weekly (or more frequent) basis.

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