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Discover the Berry Islands

The Berry Islands are made up of a land mass that totals just over twelve square miles. Many of the 30 cays that comprise the islands are great for snorkelling, hiking, diving and beach combing. Great Stirrup features a now-abandoned lighthouse built in 1863 during the reign of Prince William IV.

Discover the Berry Islands
Discover the Berry Islands

Little Stirrup Cay is a private island that's used by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a one-day stopover. Chub Cay is known as The Billfish Capital of The Bahamas, as it borders the Tongue of The Ocean and attracts countless numbers of baitfish. And then there's Great Harbour Cay.

It boasts seven continuous miles of magnificent beaches and one of the best protected harbors in The Bahamas. It once was a major golf resort for the rich and famous. In fact, there are more millionaires per square inch on The Berry Islands than most places on earth.

Ancestors of the owners of the world-renowned Flo’s Conch Bar and Restaurant founded this settlement. Houses here that were built in the 1930s and 40s have withstood the most ferocious storms—a testament to their advanced building skills.

The main attraction is big game fishing. Some of the fish that can be found there are billfish, tuna, grouper, tiger fish, yellowtail snapper, wahoo, king mackerel, and many more. In May, Great Harbour Cay is packed with visitors and fishing captains such as Habana Joe who go there for the annual fishing tournament. There are also great spots for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Secluded Beaches

Among Great Harbour Cay's seven miles of secluded beaches is its jewel, Sugar Beach. One of the prettiest places in The Bahamas, it has numerous sandy coves set among cliffs, caves, excellent shelling, and creeks filled with wildlife.

Two airports serve The Berry Islands: Great Harbour Cay Airport (GHC) and Chub Cay Airport (CCZ). Daily scheduled air service is available from Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and Florida into Great Harbour Cay. Charter services can be arranged through any certified carrier. Sea service is provided by a weekly mailboat from Nassau.

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