Shoepassion – Formal Shoes

Shoepassion formal men’s shoes are handcrafted using traditional methods and Goodyear-welted. As such, they offer cushioning, support, breathability, durability and are easily resolved. Produced with painstaking care by a Spanish manufacturer, just one of their formal men’s shoes is made of 65 separate parts. In all, around 210 skilled operations are used to craft each of their extraordinary men’s shoes.

Shoepassion – Formal Shoes
Shoepassion – Formal Shoes

Only high-grade materials are used for the shoe manufacturing, like finest Italian leather, which guarantees the highest quality. Both the Oxford and the Derby are traditional items of men’s footwear. Both are crafted in Europe’s fashion capitals, having been inspired by the publication of the first fashion journals and a competition of European shoemakers in the late 19th century.

For generations these near-constant formal shoes have proven to much-loved items of footwear. Although their appearance is modified to take in actual fashion trends, they remain timeless shoes.


This is a classic two-tone Derby with a traditional three-hole lacing, crafted on the fashionable-elegant shoe last. Both side parts are made of dark-brown velours leather and form a surprising contrast to the dark-brown, dyed calfskin. It is a rare piece of footwear. Nevertheless it is a formal men’s dress shoe, which retains the traditional three-hole lacing sewn on the top of the vamp.

Thanks to the open closure stepping into this dark-brown Derby is a cinch. Because the tension created by the lacing originates closer to the sole, this is a shoe you can comfortably wear all day long. Furthermore the open lacing attenuates the shoe’s formality and gives it a more casual look.


Take advantage of the optional additional features. After you have selected classic shoes in the proper width, you can opt to have them fitted with a high-quality Rendenbach leather sole, or with winter-proof features. The leather upper boasts a sleek look and a timeless cap-toe front.

The cap-toe Oxford promises long-lasting comfort in a snug footbed. The vegetable-tanned leather sole adds flexibility to this men's dress shoe, while ensuring durability and shock absorption. All in all, this classic welted shoe offers cushioning, support, breathability and durability.


A traditional full-brogue Derby in black. The special brogue design boasts multiple pieces of punched leather, serrated along the seams, combined with a pointed wingtip. All in all, this richly ornamented shoe has a dynamic style and it is ideal for both informal settings and the office, too.


Instead of a traditional eyelet lacing this shoe type is characterised by two decorative buckles fastened on the side. Together with the broad leather strap, these two buckles form an exciting contrast to the wing cap, equipped with a stitched double seam. At the front, a smooth and shiny cap-toe, in the middle part, two shiny silver buckles.