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Tailored Suits for Men

The tailored suit is an icon of men’s style. For a sharp and refined look that's bang up to date, whether it’s a classic piece for the office, a summer design in silk and linen, or an elegant tuxedo for a black tie event, discover three of the best tailored suits to buy right now.

Tailored Suits for Men
Tailored Suits for Men

Finely striped regular-cut suit in new wool: 'Johnstons2/Lenon'

This BOSS suit in a timeless pinstripe pattern consists of a 2-button jacket and the matching trousers with pressed creases.

The fine new wool makes it an absolute pleasure to wear, and precise darts ensure a perfect fit. This elegant 2-piece is just as suitable for exclusive business looks as it is for formal eveningwear.

Finely patterned regular-fit suit in new wool: 'Johnston2/Lenon'

This BOSS men's suit, comprising a 2-button jacket and flat-front trousers, boasts a finely patterned design. Characteristic style elements such as a portrait collar, kissing buttons and pressed creases define this clean-cut look.

The fine new wool guarantees outstanding comfort, and precise darts optimise the slightly waisted fit. An elegant ensemble that makes the perfect addition to your business wardrobe.

Finely textured slim-fit suit in new wool: 'Huge5/Genius3'

This BOSS men’s suit comprises a jacket with a characteristic lapel collar and matching flat-front trousers with pressed creases.

The 2-piece suit has a narrow cut, with shaping darts accentuating its modern silhouette. The fine new-wool fabric makes it feel very comfortable to wear. The perfect choice for business lookσ and formal occasions.

Cover Photo: Wix

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