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Corsica Studios

Corsica is a really excellent venue and I've never had a bad time there. Friendly staff, powerful sound system, proper dark foggy dance floor- pick a show that you want to see and go. The performers are interesting and seem to have been chosen with care. The bar is also a gallery, so don't miss to take a look at it. It is an amazing club with a cool, artsy vibe for any type of night. From the outside, the venue doesn't look like much at all but once you enter, you get a real feel of what they are trying to achieve.

Corsica Studios is an independent arts organization that sets up and develops creative spaces in areas of London. It is located in two railway arches immediately behind the shopping Centre in the Elephant and Castle. Corsica Studios is divided into two spaces – the live music and bar area and a second, smaller studio next door. There is also a large terrace and smoking area to the rear of the space that is completely self-contained. Corsica Studios is licensed for entertainment and alcohol until 3 am Sunday – Thursday and 6am on Friday and Saturdays.


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