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Explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the reputation of being an “anything goes” city. There is a broad spectrum of attractions for recreational and cultural sightseeing in Amsterdam. They range from fascinating old buildings, like the Oude Kerk, to oddities such as the Hash & Marihuana Museum.

Explore Amsterdam
Explore Amsterdam

The main Amsterdam tourism attractions are museums. Everyone knows the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, but there is much, much more. The city has over fifty museums which attract many millions of visitors every year. Read more about the museums in Amsterdam. The following sites and monuments should also be of sightseeing interest and are an essential part of the Amsterdam attractions experience.

Heineken Experience

What was decades ago a visit to the famous brewery with unlimited beer consumption, became a tourist attraction, where you will be made to feel like a beer bottle. However, the Heineken beer taste is still one of the best in the world, museum part of the exhibit remains interesting and the old brewery now defunct is truly beautiful. Location: Stadhouderskade 78

Madame Tussauds

What existed before as the wax figures museum is now an extraordinary multimedia attraction showing in popular form moments from Netherlands history. The wax figures of the world’s celebrities and diverse small attractions complete this big and impressive show. Location: Dam 20

Amsterdam Dungeon

A horror attraction about the dark side of the Amsterdam history shown through the scenes on different subjects with live acting, costumes and light effects. This attraction has something of the classic Disney’s pirate ride, but it located in a former church, built on the spot of the famous Amsterdam Miracle in 1345. Location: Rokin 78

Body Worlds

“Body Worlds: The Happiness Project.” is an exhibit where real human bodies of dead people serve to “illustrate the importance of happiness in human health”. Body Works in Amsterdam exhibits more than 200 anatomical specimens made of especially conserved often skinless human bodies. Location: Damrak 66

Cold Ice Bar

A bar built from 35 ton of ice – everything inside is very cold and made of ice – walls, bar, furniture. Located at the Amstel, at the back of the Rembrandtplein bar, offers you a glimpse what it would be to live as an Eskimo. A short 3D movie seen in this cold and two drinks served in glasses made from ice should give you according to the bar’s owners 4D experience.

We believe that with more free drinks visitors could feel even the fifth dimension. Children are allowed – they receive two sodas or two glasses of juice. Location: Amstel 194 - 196


After the quiet early evening hours, Amsterdam's streets and squares get again very busy at night. At the back of the Dam square, the whole area of town called Red Light District is always invaded by large groups of tourists walking in the streets and looking at the windows with the girls.

Nearby small restaurants and cafes are full of people. Around Leidseplein you will find the Stadsschouwburg (City theatre) and other theatres, lots of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, the casino, the Lido theatre with live entertainment and the famed cultural and music centers, Sugar Factory, Paradiso and Melkweg offering a varied music program: rock, pop, dance, rap and world music, including big-name bands.

Another busy area of clubs, cafes and cinemas is Rembrandtplein. The square is surrounded by the cafes and clubs always full of guests. An important small street traditionally attracting theater crowd is Nes (parallel to Rokin). Nearby cafes try to attract this intellectual crowd. The old area of the Jordan is mostly frequented by the young people. In its cafes and bars, it is easy to meet people and make new friends.


Photos: Wix

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