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Henry Herbert Tailors

Henry Herbert Tailors promise you’ll never want to wear a factory-made suit again! Henry Herbert Tailors handcraft the finest bespoke suits and shirts. True to the highest standards of traditional Savile Row tailoring, they use the finest fabrics, the finest tailors and, hopefully, the finest service. It is a small firm but they work very hard for their customers.

Henry Herbert Tailors
Henry Herbert Tailors

It was set up by Charlie Baker-Collingwood (pictured) who is a fully qualified motorcyclist and also a tailor. A bespoke, tailored suit not only feels more natural to wear, it looks far better and will last longer than a factory-made, ‘off-the-rack’ equivalent.

They offer an affordable, bespoke suit tailoring service, and will help you find the perfect fabric, cut and style for your bespoke suit. And they can even travel to you by scooter!


During the winter, a wool suit can feel like tissue paper. Put on flannel and the cold will not penetrate. Plus, when it thaws out a bit, the flannel will keep you warm enough that you can just throw a scarf around your neck and you’re good to go.

With a flannel suit, there’s a sense of ruggedness and durability. Made from an English spun flannel, the suit was made and cut in England. As much of the suit as possible is hand tailored and as with every suit they make, unless you choose their Express service, the suit will take 8-9 weeks to make.


A blue suit made for a young gentleman in West London. A great hard working wool for an everyday business suit. Made from medium wool, the suit was made and cut in England. The cloth was from an English mill near Bradford and the suit was made with working, horn buttons.


Two-button suits tend to be fairly standard these days, though three-button jackets aren’t uncommon and can add a touch of retro to your look. The three button suit can add a little extra traditional elegance and style.

While you’re probably not going to wear one often, they make for good statement jackets for special occasions. Made with a canvass, the suit is British made and cut. The cloth was from English made wool, from Holland & Sherry, with horn buttons.

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