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Clive Christian L for Men

Clive Christian is the British luxury interiors and perfume company, with craftsmanship at its heart. With a passion for transforming the expected into the extraordinary, Clive Christian perfumes are uniquely complex and expertly crafted with the rarest, most precious ingredients.

Clive Christian L for Men
Clive Christian L for Men

Released from the Private Collection of Clive Christian, a personal favourite for his loyal clients and perfume aficionados around the world, named 'L' after Clive himself. L for Men eau de parfum is a spicy scent with a glorious celebration of precious woods.

Combining Vetiver with base notes of Cedar Atlas, Fir Balsam, Musk, the top notes of Grapefruit, Oud, Rose and Petitgrain Mandarinier give the fragrance a modern edge.

Clive Christian L for Men Eau de Parfum is aimed at anyone who loves luxury and can appreciate the top-quality ingredients and original composition of the fragrance.

Spicy, Woody, Aromatic, Citrus, Fresh! Vigour and adventure are the order of the day in this modern reworking of pastoral romance.

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