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10 Unisex Fragrances to Buy for Xmas 2022

Picking a fragrance for you or someone else can be tricky. You want it to perfectly capture the essence of the person who will wear it. Furthermore, you want the fragrance to smell amazing to everyone who will come into contact with you.

10 Unisex Fragrances to Buy for Xmas 2022
10 Unisex Fragrances to Buy for Xmas 2022

There are some basic things to consider when selecting a fragrance such as: The personality of the person, their taste in food, their favourited smells and music preferences. Considering all of these things we present you today the ten most wearable fragrances suitable for everyone:

THAMEEN Blue Heart Extrait de Parfum (50ml)

Thameen is a British fragrance brand that’s inspired by the world's most enchanting jewels and scents – as well as the colourful tales behind them. The Blue Heart extrait de parfum takes its cues from the joie de vivre lifestyle of those who own the diamond of the same name. Combining sumptuous notes of vanilla, saffron and coconut, it’s one to relish each and every day.

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN 724 Eau de Parfum (70ml)

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s 724 eau de parfum is inspired by the unique energy that unites all megalopolises, a fast-paced and invigorating environment that seems to resonate like a 724-beats-per-minute pulsation. A crystalline bouquet of white florals is illuminated with sparkling flashes of mouthwatering citrus notes, while the delicate drydown of soft white musks lends a sensual finish.

GUCCI The Alchemist's Garden Reason to Love Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Realising creative director Alessandro Michele's floral vision, Gucci's The Alchemist's Garden collection - blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas - invites the wearer to step into an abundant oasis flourishing with plants, flowers, insects and birds. With warm notes of oud and rose, the Reason to Love conjures a vision of burning love with the promise of everlasting fire.

PENHALIGON'S Legacy of Petra Eau de Parfum (100ml)

English House of fragrance Penhaligon's sets out on a journey throughout lands afar with its Trade Routes collection, searching for invigorating scents that tell a story. The Legacy of Petra eau de parfum reveals warm desert winds and canyons yet undiscovered through the captivating blend of Myrrh oil and fennel seed, creating a musky and earthy scent full of stories left untold.

L'ARTISAN PARFUMEUR Couleur Vanille Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Inspired by perfumer Aliénor Massenet’s daydreams of sailing off to Madagascar, the Couleur Vanille eau de parfum perfectly represents L’Artisan Parfumeur’s philosophy of fragrances that take you on a journey of exploration. Madagascar vanilla mingles with the woody accord of immortelle flower in this soft scent.

HERMÈS Hermessence Violette Volynka Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Hermès' latest addition to its Hermessence collection is the Violette Volynka eau de toilette. A fragrance in which the masculine meets the feminine, where unique notes mirror one another, defining the very meaning of opposites that attract. “The scent of Volynka leather is so strong that I wanted to pull it in the opposite direction by pairing it with a delicate flower: violet”, says perfumer Christine Nagel. The result? A perfume with the perfect balance of intensity and sweetness, an enticing blend of strength and subtlety.

XERJOFF Purple Accento Eau de Parfum (100Ml)

Captured within a decadent, bejewelled bottle, the Purple Accento eau de parfum is defined by bursts of jasmine, iris and pink pepper. A brand passionate about uniting fragrance with art forms such as classical music and opera,Xerjoff infuses this unique scent with a harmony of sweet pineapple and hyacinth with an irresistibly warm base of amber, vanilla and musk.


STORIES Parfums N°.02 is an invitation to walk through the garden, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost. The blend opens with Bulgarian Rose, spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. Honey Tobacco tones balance Cedarwood at the heart of this woody fragrance. Opoponax, Tonka Bean and Patchouli enhance the full bodied perfume while amber and musk render it unforgettable.

ALEXANDRE-J Ode To Rose Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Inspired by Art Nouveau’s recurring theme of nature, the Ode To Rose eau de parfum is beautifully blended with floral notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose while its woody, earthy base of sandalwood and patchouli ensures it’s punctuated with a distinctly sensual allure.

L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM Encens Asakusa Eau De Parfum 100ml

L'Orchestre’s Encens Asakusa Eau De Parfum, composed by perfumer Amélie Bourgeois and interpreted by Fumie Hihara, evokes a winter’s prayer in a Tokyo holy temple that’s answered by the serene notes of a koto, the traditional Japanese stringed instrument and the national instrument of Japan. Encens Asakusa is a mystical incense-based, powdery-woody fragrance with main notes of olibanum incense, pink berries, cypress, iris, violet, myrrh and white musk.

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