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10 Ideas to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom can often be a challenge as you try to balance style with functionality - creating a beautiful and well-designed space free of clutter and conducive to relaxation, all whilst working within diminutive proportions. Small bedrooms usually require extra consideration and a clever approach to decorating to be successful.

10 Ideas to Decorate a Small Bedroom
10 Ideas to Decorate a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom can present a few challenges when it comes to decorating and creating a unique and relaxing aesthetic. But just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style!

You may have to get creative and think outside the box, but a few minor (or major) tweaks will make a big difference!

1) Make your bed the focal point of the room. Where exactly you put your bed will depend on your room's shape and the placement of windows and doors. Center the head of the bed against a wall, so when you walk into the room, it’s the first thing you see; or, angle it out from a corner. If possible, position the bed so that you can walk on both sides of it.

2) Turn your bed into a daybed if you’re working with minimal space. If your room can only accommodate a bed that’s pushed up against the wall, switch things up and make it into a daybed to instantly revitalize the space. Get a longer headboard that spans the bed's length and place oversized pillows against the wall.

3) Place a regular-sized nightstand next to your bed. This is functional, and it also makes your room look more spacious. If you use a miniature or shrunken nightstand, your room will look smaller. It seems counterintuitive, but larger pieces in a smaller room can keep it from feeling constricted.

4) Add a chair to a corner of the room to add style and contain clutter. Even in a tiny room, a chair can make a big difference in how the space feels. It gives you a place to drape a jacket or set down a bag, and it can make the room feel cozier and lived-in.

5) Get lights and lamps off the ground to free up floor space. Table lamps, twinkly lights, and wall sconces are great alternative lighting options that won’t use valuable retail space on the floor. You could even hang a light from a hook in the ceiling to brighten a dark corner or add light over a reading chair.

6) Choose a few unique pieces of art to hang up to avoid overcrowding. With a small space, just one or two great pieces can add a lot of style to your room without making the area look visually cluttered. If you have a blank wall, consider centering one large piece of art that you love. Or, you could create a small arrangement with two or three differently-sized pieces.

8) Use a rug to add color, texture, and personality to your room. Even if your room is carpeted, you can still lay down a rug to make the space feel more cohesive and cozy. Plus, a rug will make your room look and feel warmer.

9) Create a cozy and calm bedroom with pillows and blankets. Your bedroom should be a comforting place, somewhere you can rest and relax. Add a few decorative pillows to your bed and drape a soft blanket over the end of your bed or a chair. Try choosing items that have bright colors or patterns to add personality to your space.

10) Hang a big mirror to reflect light and make your room appear larger. A mirror can be both functional and aesthetic. Use it to get ready in the morning and enjoy how it bounces back light and creates dimension in your room.

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