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10 Best Suits from the Sartoria Rossi Boutique in Milan

If you wish to discover the new trends for spring-summer and autumn-winter of the most important Italian brands, you must visit Milan, the Italian fashion Mecca synonymous with trends and styles. The London Man Blog visited the Sartoria Rossi Boutique in Milan and present you the latest pieces from the Italian brand of menswear, footwear and accessories which represents the excellence of Italian tailoring.

10 Best Suits from the Sartoria Rossi Boutique in Milan
10 Best Suits from the Sartoria Rossi Boutique in Milan

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Bright shades and colors as Sartoria Rossi designed looks that could glow in the dark and attract everyone's attention. With a collection focused on emphasising the body through subtly sensual pieces, presented light color suits with cinched-in waist for a fitted feel.

Their designers made the evening suits and blazers stand out in various shades, while tailoring outreached the usual high standards of the fashion house.

Sartoria Rossi has been founded in Marciano della Chiana, in the well-known province of Arezzo, in 1979. Most of all the beautiful Tuscan region has always been a pool of skilled workers and experienced tailors. This combination of high quality features has set the stage for the winning idea: create a tailoring brand with an exclusive manufacturing Made in Italy.

Years in advance to the latest trend of managing a direct retail channel, since 2000 Sartoria Rossi has constantly believed in the importance of the closeness to the final customer. With this strong commitment the company has begun a directional development of the stores worldwide, positioning the boutiques in the most important luxury streets, in Italy and abroad.

From the firm’s early days, the workshop in Marciano della Chiana has been a reflection of the creative craftsmanship expertise of Sartoria Rossi, its strong bond with Tuscany and its impressive know-how, closely linked with the workmanship tradition of Arezzo.

The use of the finest Italian raw materials combines with the fundamental skills of impassioned craftsmen devoted to the noble art of a job well done, shaping exquisite, bespoke creations for a new approach to custom tailoring, able to keep pace with changing times.

* All Images have been exclusively taken for The London Man Blog at the Sartoria Rossi Boutique in Milan.

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